3 Simple Reasons You Shouldn’t Drive Uninsured

Driving is a privilege that none of us should take for granted. Accidents happen every day and if you are not insured, your life could dramatically change. You could owe thousands of dollars may also need to hire an attorney. That could end up costing more than you can afford. There are a few other important reasons why you need to be insured.

Reason #1: The first reason is simple. It is about liability. If you have any assets, such as a home, they could be taken from you if you get into an accident. If the accident is your fault, you will be liable for damage to all cars, property and injuries. Even if you do not end up getting into an accident, you could be facing steep penalties for driving without insurance. States are now requiring proper coverage. Most of the time you cannot even register your vehicle without it.

Reason #2: The second reason is vehicle get stolen. Unless you have enough money in the bank to replace it, you need a comprehensive policy. Be sure that if your vehicle gets stolen, your policy covers a rental car and will give you money for a new car. Comprehensive coverage will also cover parts. Stealing car parts is becoming more and more popular. Even parking at your local grocery store may not be safe. Thieves know what parts are worth the most money and can steal them anywhere that you are. Be sure that your policy covers theft.

Reason #3: The third and last reason that you shouldn’t drive uninsured is that the number of drunk motorists on the road is increasing every day. You never know when you might become their next victim. If you are not properly covered, you might end up having to pay for the damage done to your car. Often, insurance companies will not pay for their customer’s accidents if they were drunk when the accident occurred. There are several reasons why someone may not have insurance. Whether this is due to money or forgetting to pay their premium, no excuse will cover you in an accident. Making sure that you are properly covered is not only responsible but it is the law. Many companies will give you online insurance quotes. This makes it easy for anyone to not only get the coverage that they need, but also to get a great price. Driving legal has never been easier.