Amazing Car Makers of Europe


Cars manufacturers in Europe have always been setting standards since the early 50s until today.  Europeans are generally more refined when it comes to car manufacturing. The name of the entire game was economy and hence car manufacturers in Europe such as Renault, Volkswagen, Citroen, etc., made cars with small engines and bodies and brought out the best out of whatever they made. In fact, 2000 cc engine was considered big. It did not matter how big they were, what really mattered was how they performed.

 More About Car Manufacturers in Europe and Car Market

The very reason of the quality of the European cars lead to the modern cars borrowing the engineering marvels like ABS, electric injection, the technology of common-rail, etc. In addition, this was also governed by the various lifestyles of the neighbors overseas.

Car manufacturers in Europe always had the concept of the gas consumption of the cars, as the buyers of Europe are more particular and calculative about how much they spend on maintenance and gas, as they had to maneuver in the narrow roads of their world.

Nevertheless, car manufacturers in Europe have found their way into the global market – especially, into America, with the raging fuel crisis. Cars like Mercedes have a unique image that has not yet found a competition till today.


The car market of Europe is an important revenue source for many car manufacturers across the globe. However, pricing is highly competitive, since the industry suffers from overcapacity, which in turn creates a challenge for decent profits. Some of the car manufacturers in Europe such as Peugeot, Flat, and Renault suffer these consequences.

Nevertheless, car manufacturers of Germany such as Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, etc are to benefit due to their dynamic market value outside the continent.

Popular Car Manufacturers in Europe

Mercedes Benz, which was launched in 1880, is one of the popular cars not only in Europe, but also all over the world. This company has been offering luxury as well as utility vehicles to its customers. The name has stood for its class and has always remained the favorite of the rich and wealthy.

Audi is the one of the popular car manufacturers in Europe who introduced the first ‘left hand drive’ car to its users.

Porsche car is known for its high speed and performance, as it can give an average of 190mph with the looks that matches it.


Even today the car manufacturers in Europe are still striving to provide better quality and technology to the customers all over the world.