Types of Bike Rack for Your Car

-Benefits of bike rack: Bicycles actually do a lot to make your life easier. They help you get out of traffic jams while everyone else sits irritated in their cars. They can seriously cut down on your petrol expenses each month. They give you exercise and enjoyment at the same time so that you keep fit and never get burned out on the experience of riding. Also the bike racks can increase the easiness of our lives tenfold. Whether you are buying a trailer hitch for your bike or rooftop car racks, you can anyway benefit from bike racks. It used to be a past story that you would have to disassemble your bike in order to take it with you on road tours.

This usually consisted of removing wheels from the chassis for easier storage; this is something that you didn’t look forward to both before leaving for and after getting to your destination. As the technology continued to improve, it became possible to easily install a bike into the rack and take it with you wherever you wanted to set off. This grab and got mentality ripped off the mental roadblocks to riding your bicycle and made it a hobby instead of a chore.

Whether using a rooftop or the trailer hitch, another area where possessing your own bike rack has aided is in the area of added space, which also contributes to your ease of travel. Earlier you used to have to share your space with the bike and your other travelers, thus considerably cutting down on transport; whereas today you can take family picnics or vacations with your bikes in haul. Togetherness, exercise, and the room to make it all happen; that’s perhaps the best case for why bicycle racks can truly make your life a lot easier.

-Some of the Best bike rack for car in the market: Allen, Thule, Yakima etc are some of the well known manufacturers of bike racks. Given below are a few of the products:

1. Allen Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack This undemanding, sturdy bike carrying system fits most hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and minivans via a distinct configuration design that eliminates setup hassles and annoyance during installation. This rack comes fully assembled, and mounts to your vehicle within seconds. 12î long arms easily lodge up to two bikes, and a patented tie-down system secures and protects your bikes.

2. Thule Vertex 9029 4 Bike Hitch Rack The Thule hitch mount bike carrier transports up to 4 bicycles securely at the rear of vehicles, while allowing access to rear doors by inclining the unit back when not loaded. The carrier is attuned with 1-1/4″ and 2″ hitch receivers. other features include: increased mast height, an arch design for easier bike loading and carrying performance, the ability to fold arms down flat, rack and bike security from theft with locks, Hold Fast cradles and anti-sway cages, and an integrated carrying handle.

This post discusses the very many benefits one can have if one installs the “right bike rack” on his/her car & details you on some of the good options available for you in the market.