Boat Trailer Benefits Rely on Dependability

[ReviewAZON asin=”B0000AXYXH” display=”inlinepost”]The ability to take your boat places, on the road, is one of the key benefits of owning a smaller craft. Being able to trailer it to new and exciting locations is something the big boat owners cannot easily boast about. One day you can be at the lake, next week you can head down to a big river and then next month take it out to sea for a bit of salt water fishing. Apart from having a capable car or truck that can do the duties of trailering, you need a good and reliable trailer. And remember, it’s not simply a matter of being able to tow the boat. Your vehicle needs to be able to pull it out of the water as well. For that you’ll need good traction and plenty of torque depending on how big the boat is and how steep the ramp.

Now, your trailer’s reliability depends on having good boat trailer wheels and tires. Without a proven and reliable set of these, you are going to be breaking down on the road more than you are going to be out boating. Your wheels and tires need to be well rated for the load they will be carrying. They also need to be well maintained and have proper air pressures. Along those same lines, you need to make sure your hubs, axles and trailer suspension is in good working order and that your bearings are sealed and greased properly.

A few other things you need to worry about when trailering are the lights, the boat supports and the overall integrity of the trailer. A trailer with a frame that is rusted through can a hazard. This is especially true for the saltwater boaters who see a lot more corrosion in their trailering equipment that the freshwater ones. It’s a good idea to carry extra light bulbs and other electrical components like extra cable, connectors and crimps. This will allow for quick repairs if something were to go wrong on the road. The same goes for spare tires. On trailers with only one axle, one spare should be fine. But on boat trailers that have more than one axle and at least 4 wheels, you may find that having 2 spares is a good idea. This is also going to depend on the length of your road trips. Finally, be sure to always rinse off your trailer after every use. This is of essential importance if you are using it in saltwater. Doing this every time will substantially increase the life of your trailer.