12V Car Fridge Freezers – Great Gifts!

Car fridge freezers make nifty gifts for the car owner who has everything.   Is your boyfriend or husband constantly spending money on new gadgets or modifications for his car? By buying him a 12v fridge freezer to put in his car you can do both of you a favor –[widget:ad_unit-490973413] he gets a new toy for the car, and you get something that you can actually enjoy too. While his new set of tires may not do much for you, the ability to keep cold drinks in the car can be of benefit to both of you.  A 12v car cooler can do a great job of chilling drinks.

Discount stores usually have cheap 12v fridges suitable for this type of application.  While these low-end models can really only be used while the vehicles engine is running, they are great for long road trips where you spend all day on the interstate. If you really want to blow him away with your gift, you can get him a true car fridge freezer.  Now these are not cheap – they will set you back hundreds of dollars – but they are very cool.  You can not only cool stuff in these devices, but you can freeze things too.  Ice-cream on the road, imagine that?[widget:ad_unit-490972681]

The other great thing about high-end 12v fridge freezers is that they are really energy efficient.  That means they can be used even when the car isn’t running, and won’t run down the battery too much. Your man can be working on the car in the garage installing his latest gadget, and simply reach inside the vehicle to grab a cold drink.  He will just love showing off that functionality to his friends! It is clear that car fridge freezers have great potentials as gifts for the gear head in your life, so think about buying him a 12v fridge and making his day.