Ideas To Create A Custom Pink Car

If you dream of owning a custom pink car, the song “Pink Cadillac” might be one of the images that first come to mind. Although the very thought of a customizing a vehicle is commonly associated with tough males attempting to make them more powerful and fast, there is also a definite growing trend amongst ladies out there who use cars to express their feminine sides. Following are several tips for all those who want to pink their cars up a bit.

Interior Modifications

There are a number of common accessories that can be purchased to give any automobile a quick and easy makeover. Selecting a set of pink seat covers and pink car mats is the first step in building an eye-catching pink car. This is quite an easy to way to decorate the interior with a splash of pink that almost anyone can do. Some other additional items for your custom pink car interior could include a cover for your steering wheel, a gear stick, pedal covers, cup holders and seat belt harness covers.

To take things a step further both in terms of expense and expertise, you could also replace your seats with pink sports ‘bucket’ seats. Obviously this job will require some mechanical assistance if you’re not capable of doing it yourself.

Exterior Modifications

The next thing to customize is the exterior of the car. Again there are some things that are relatively easy and inexpensive to do. For instance adding a pink license plate, wheel trims and mud flaps are some of the easier jobs to do. Many drivers will use window accessories and stickers or decals to decorate their cars. If you have some personal favourite cartoon or other popular characters you can incorporate these when you decorate your auto’s appearance. Hello Kitty, Betty Boop and Disney characters such as Tinkerbell are some of the most popular designs for females that would work well on the exterior of a pink car.

For professional makeovers, you might want to visit an actual auto body shop and select a new shade of pink paint. Another big modification might include having custom wheel rims fitted. However, this is when things start to get a lot more expensive and so you are going to need a serious budget to carry out both of these jobs.

Don’t Compromise Your Safety

The thing to remember when performing any modifications on your car is make sure that the accessories and modifications that you opt for don’t compromise the safety of your automobile. For instance, make sure that when you modify the controls of the car such as the gear shift, steering wheel and pedals that their operation isn’t affected. And for safety equipment and mechanical parts such as mirrors, seat belts and wheels ensure that they are still fully functional.

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