Cutting your motor insurance quotation down to size

Motorist will be pleased to know that you can cut your motor insurance quotation down to size and pay less than you’re renewal quote. Through the adoption of some of these cost cutting ideas you’ll be able to get bigger savings.

By reading just a couple of these cost cutting ideas before you go off getting car insurance quotes, you’ll be able to potentially lower your premium. Comparing many quotes is always a good idea to get a good understanding for which policy has got the best price, features and excess. You’ll need to get about four or five quotes from different suppliers and see who offers the best price. Look out and see who is offering the best online discount and if there are any free features included on the policy as standard such as courtesy replacement car when your vehicle is out of action when involved in an accident.

Motorists who have a good no claims bonus can get some great savings on their car insurance policy. Why? It demonstrates to the insurer that you are a low risk driver due to not making any insurance claim recently or in the last few years. If you’ve built up a health no claims status over the last five years then you’re sure to achieve a great deal on a motor insurance policy. Some of the top companies offer savings up to 75% for motorist who can prove that they are low risk with proof of their no claims status.

Increasing the voluntary excess on the policy is sure to get you a saving of around 25% and reduce your monthly premium. However, paying less in premium costs means that in the event of a claim, you’ll have to pay out more money to the insurance company. This is kind of like your contribution towards the costs of fixing and repairing your vehicle when it has been involved in an accident.