Updating Factory Installed Dash Board GPS Devices

Many car manufacturers now team up with a GPS company in order to offer their customers an in-built factory installed GPS product into the dashboard.  This usually comes as an additional extra when the car owner purchases from a dealer, but the benefits to having this extra are as follows:

  • No need to purchase a standalone GPS so you save money
  • No untidy wires around your dash board
  • Have GPS navigation rather than traditional maps

So sometimes it can be worth paying the extra to have this option… but what happens when the map software gets out of date?  Believe it or not this is a common occurrence, because the routes and directions are all stored on the hard disk of the GPS unit – so this means if a new road appears, or the priority on a junction changes, your factory installed GPS will immediately be out of date.

How to Update Your In-Dash GPS

Thankfully there’s a new independent advice website which details most car manufacturers who have factory installed GPS devices – please visit www.mygpsmapupdates.com.  On there you can find instructions on how to update the following vehicle brands:

Available Brands of Car GPS

  • Audi
  • Acura
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan

Most of the manufacturers listed above have recently released 2012 map updates, which come on a DVD or SD Card which can then be installed straight into the disc tray of the GPS dash board unit.

The maps are all developed by a company called Navteq which is renowned as being the most reliable GPS map supplier on the planet – so the maps that you will be updating on DVD will be the best that money can buy.

How Much Do GPS Map Updates Cost?

Typically you should be looking at no more than $150 US Dollars – but this can depend on your car’s brand, model, and year of manufacture.  Most people updating should pay no more than this but will benefit from the peace of mind of having completely current routing and directions for 2012 and beyond.  This cost is less than you would pay for a standalone GPS which is another cost benefit that you should consider if debating whether to buy or not.

What About Standalone GPS Devices?

In addition to that it also has some video content on updating maps on Garmin, TomTom, Becker, Navman, and Navigon products – so it really will help out anyone who uses a GPS satellite navigation product regularly in their car or vehicle.