Davida retro style helmets

If you are thinking about replacing your old motorcycle helmet, you should consider buying only helmets which are either DOT or Snell certified. The Snell certification process is extremely thorough (and subsequent costs are generally passed onto the consumers). All Snell certified helmets will pass DOT certification standards, while the reverse is generally not true. Avoid purchasing helmets which have not gone through any standards testing. These helmets are known as novelty motorcycle helmets. Be extra careful if you are purchasing a helmet from an unknown brand. Some unscrupulous helmet makers will put on their own internal certification stickers which are made to resemble the Snell or DOT certification stickers. Snell stickers have a very distinct logo, along with an individual serial number on each sticker. The sticker is usually attached to the inside of the helmet, towards the top of the liner.[widget:ad_unit-490971921]

Consider purchasing a Davida motorcycle helmet, if you are looking for something unique and different. These helmets are hand made in the United Kingdom. Popular helmets made by the larger companies such as Bell, Shoei, and Arai are usually massed produced. Davida makes extremely popular retro style helmets for scooters and Harley Davidson riders. Open faced helmets are more comfortable as they allow the riders to feel the air on their face when they are riding their motorcycles. This can mean the difference between staying in or going out on humid summer days. If you are planning to use a retro style motorcycle helmet, you will also need to purchase a set of goggles for proper eye protection. Even at low speeds flying objects such as small insects can irritate your eyes while you are riding. Also, when you wear goggle you can avoid small stones and pebbles which are kicked up by other motorists which can cause permanent eye injury when you are riding your motorcycle.[widget:ad_unit-490972681]

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