Entertainment Through Cellphones

Cellphones got better with the inclusion of features that enabled them to be able to play music, record and play videos as well as audio files, capture photographs, play live radio and stream live television from satellite transmissions. The introduction of these features brought with them a whole new world to those who found fun in using them. Almost instantly, cellphones threatened to take over the roles of the camera, the radio, the audio player, the television set and even the computer. [widget:ad_unit-490971921]

Such technology came with the introduction of cellphones that had large storage spaces that ran into several gigabytes. With such memory space, one can store movies, favorite songs and pictures all on the same phone. Subsequently there came phones with expandable memory sizes. If you have such a phone, you will have as much storage space as you want. Though the original phones with these features were very expensive, there came others which flooded the market causing the prices to drastically go down.

It became a common sight to see people walking around with earphones firmly stuck in their ears as they listen to music from their cell phones. Parents became concerned when teenager picked up the trend and seemed to be completely sucked into it. High school teachers were equally engulfed in the same problem with their students.

With the image capturing features, cellphones became the perfect companion to afternoon and evening outs instead of the classical camera. people now preferred to use their cell phones to capture images because of the ease with which the whole process functions. What is even much better about it is that after taking the images, it is so much easy to share them with your friends and family both by sending them through the phone network or by uploading them to social sites. They can also be sent as email messages. mobiltelefoner

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