Essential Accessories for Your Car and Vehicle

For people that drive their car on a regular basis, or drivers planning on a long journey, then you should consider a number of essential items that will help to ensure your trip is stress and trouble-free.  What follows are a number of essential car accessories that are designed to help you get to your destination, arrive safely, and help yourself in the unfortunate event of a road accident.

Digital Tyre Compressor

Don’t get worried about having a flat tyre, because a digital tyre compressor lets you re-inflate your wheel with ease – and you don’t need to be strong of muscle to operate it.  The tyre compressor also inflates other items such as sports balls and inflatable beds so you will get many different uses from it.  Make sure you don’t over-inflate your tyres too, because the digital compressor lets you pre-set the pressure as stated in your car’s user manual.

GPS Portable Navigation Device

You will probably already know about Garmin or TomTom as they are the leaders when it comes to portable GPS automotive devices.  But did you know that you can also pay for a GPS to be installed in the dash of your car when you buy it.  As an example most Honda Accord and Civics let you opt for the added extra of Honda navigation system pre-installed.  You will have to update the maps every year though – and you can find out more on how to do that on this Honda Accord Navigation Update website.

Fluorescent Red Warning Triangle

Some countries have a legal requirement for you to carry a fluorescent warning triangle in your car – Spain is one example – even if you just travel through their as a tourist.  Warning triangles helps as you can place them a safe distance from your car in the event of a break-down which will warn other car drivers of an impending danger or risk.  The red triangles are made from highly-reflective material and can be stored easily in a boot space.

Winter Car Cover

Car covers are made from strong elasticized hems and non-woven Polypropylene – meaning they can withstand ice, snow, water, and any other natural elements.  You can also use if on a hot day to negate the horrible hot car sensation when left out under the sun’s rays for too long.

Need More Inspiration?

Most of these items can be purchased online at Amazon who have a section on their website dedicated to car accessories.  It’s always best to be as prepared as possible when making car journeys, especially over long distances or to a strange and new place.  This advice guide was brought to you courtesy of the Honda Navigation DVD website at