Essential tools for the home mechanic

It’s a cliché but it’s very true, the right tools make any job much easier and the same applies to car maintenance tools.  Exactly how much you need to spend and the tools you need depends on how much car maintenance you plan on doing. If you want to keep it simple and only do the essential tasks,[widget:ad_unit-490971921] changing your own motor oil for example (seed the oil pressure gauge guide site for more information about changing oil yourself) , then a set of tools you need is quite minimal. Having said that a lot of jobs can be done with only a simple set of tools.

It’s important to have a wide range of ratchets and sockets. Adjustable versions are simply not as good as the fixed size equivalent, although you should have some adjustable is anyway. This simple but essential job of changing your motor oil requires your filter to be changed at the same time. Oil filters are very specialised pieces of equipment and are extremely difficult to remove without an oil filter wrench. You will also need a good set of spanners. Make sure they are made of steel. By a good set now than they were last you a lifetime.

The same applies to screwdrivers, with tools quality really is important because they get subjected to extreme stresses. No need to get extravagant with electric screwdrivers, most of the screws you’ll be unscrewing are difficult, if not impossible to reach with the bulk of an electric screwdriver. A wide selection of nuts and bolts helps too. For getting the car off the ground you’ll need a set of axle stands that can support the weight of your vehicle. These are essential to safeguard your life! Don’t compromise at all on these and remember you should never go under a car that is held up by jacks.
Your local automotive parts store will be able to give you their recommendations about the best products to buy in each category.