Downloading Free Garmin Map Updates Over Christmas

If you are going to be driving long distances over Christmas to see family and friends then make sure you take a GPS with you so can get to your destination on time and with no delays.  Chances are that you will be using a Garmin Nuvi GPS as these are the best-sellers globally.  One thing that you should definitely do is make sure that the GPS has the latest Garmin map updates installed onto it, because roads and streets do tend to change and appear on quite a regular basis.

Where to Download Free Garmin Map Updates

The only place for free Garmin map updates is the manufacturer themselves.  Garmin offer a map update service called the nuMaps Guarantee which is aimed at people who have owned their product for less than 90 days.  If that applies to you then make sure you go to the Garmin website now and sign up for a customer account with them.

Once you’ve done this your Nuvi device can be connected to your computer and the website will make a check to see which maps you already have installed.  If you have an out of date version of the software – which tends to be the City Navigator NT for Europe of North America – then the account area will tell you and offer you the latest Garmin updates relevant to your device.

Why Download Official Free Garmin Map Updates?

Don’t attempt to download Garmin updates from any other website other than the manufacturer – this is because you might run the risk of infecting your PC or invalidating the warranty and guarantee on the Nuvi device.  Many websites will try and encourage you to download a file, but it could be infected with a Trojan Horse style program.

Not only that, but official Garmin updates will contain the most up to date routes, directions, streets, roads, and POIs that are available – and driving safely should be a priority for any owner of a Nuvi – and you only get that with official free Garmin map updates direct from the source.

Are Garmin Updates Easy to Install?

Yes they are, and typically you will be looking at no longer than forty five minutes from start to finish, and once you are done you simply plug the Nuvi GPS back into your dashboard mount and you are ready to start driving your car or vehicle again with renewed confidence.