From Geo to Chevy – Do you own a Prizm?

The Prizm first came out in 1989 under the Geo/Toyota import though marketed by Chevrolet. By 1998 it was repackage from the Geo Prizm to the Chevy Prizm. Although it was discontinued in 2002, you still see this reliable brand on the street, due to mileage, which has been rated at 35+ on the freeway and high 20s in town.[widget:ad_unit-490971921] This should make the Chevy Prizm a much sought used vehicle. The problem is that many car buyers are under the impression that with the discontinuation of the Prizm in 2002 parts would be difficult to find. This is far from the truth due to the GM and Toyota name behind the Geo.

GM and Toyota banded together to develop this American version of the Toyota Corella, surprising many mechanics unfamilar with the Prizm at the time. Those mechanics unfamiliar with the Prizm might have thought the original engine had been replaced due to the fact that it carried a Toyota engine.

With the discontinuation of the Chevy Prism, many felt that they might be left out in the cold when looking for replacment parts. Happily this is not the case. The Toyota Corolla is still a good dependable parts model, but unknown to many is that the Chevy Prism does have a new conterpart on the market in the Pointiac Vibe. This vehicle is the new General Motors make of the original Prizm and is a joint venture between GM and Toyota.

Parts are very accessible for the Geo or Chevy Prizm which had various engine types throughout the years. Since they were very common cars, you can find Geo Prizm parts at any auto parts store. When looking for a Chevy Prizm, make sure that you have it thoroughly checked by a mechanic you trust. [widget:ad_unit-490972681]   The cost for the inspection will be minimal upon finding a dependable model and the gas alone will save you money. Now you know that you won’t have a hard time finding parts. A GM dealer or a Toyota dealer should be able to help you with all your needs.