The Thrill Of Go Karting

I normally spend most of my summers enjoying myself in theme parks and fun parks. I love doing laser tag and eating a good hot pizza afterward. But, one of my favorite things to do is ride the go karts. They really make me feel like I’m flying. It’s even better when you go with friends and ride them together.[widget:ad_unit-490971921]

I especially like to bump into my pals so I can race ahead of them. Nothing feels better than that. I find that even if it’s raining, I’m going go karting. When it’s raining sometimes it’s even better. The track is slippery wet making it hard to control the go kart. Thank goodness that the track is lined with rubber tires to help you avoid a messy accident.

Some go karts have two seats where you and a friend can drive together. Even though these are probably fun, I doubt they are as fun as when you drive by yourself. Taking control of the wheel and letting the wind hit you right in the face can be such an exhilarating experience. Young kids and elderly alike can all enjoy the fun that’s involved in racing karts on a track. There are those out there who are avid go karters. These brave people often enter tournaments hoping to win cash prizes for their amazing go kart driving skills. However, you don’t have to be in it for the money to enjoy this fun sport.

Maybe buying my own might be a good idea, too. I know that they sell them at most motorcycle shops and sports stores. Obviously, the price tag may be a bit hefty and it may be wiser to just go to the fun park to ride them. Alternatively, with careful and informative research I may even be able to build my own.

I remember my brother built a homemade go cart when he was a young teenager. It was a board of thin wood, a couple of tiny wheels from a pushcart, and a rope attached to the wheels for steering. I remember he would ride this thing down our long driveway for hours at a time. He seemed to be having fun, so no one ever paid him any mind. Thinking back on that, I’m sure if I bought a kart my brother would make good use of it as well.