Increase Your Car’s Fuel Economy

It’s the start of summer, and you know what that means – gas prices will be going up. So, what can you do to stretch your gas and save cash? Read on for some tips to help you save at this pump this summer.

Before your next fill-up:

  • Review your owner’s manual. In general, regular octane is what’s recommended. And usually, using an octane level higher than what the manufacturer lists adds no benefit and only costs more. Some cars do require premium levels, so be sure to find out whether yours does.
  • Be smart. There are several apps you can download to your smartphone to help you find the closest and cheapest gas prices. Some stations may even offer special savings or a loyalty program, so be on the lookout for those as well.
  • Get rewarded. See if your credit card rewards you with points or cash back for each time you fill up at the pump. And if so, maybe it’s time to start charging. Just be sure you’re familiar with your card’s terms and conditions beforehand.

Next time you hit the road:

  • Watch your speed. Your gas mileage goes down as soon as you hit speeds over 60 MPH, so slow it down.
  • Avoid excessive idling. Not only does idling waste your gas and your money, but it pollutes the air and hurts the environment. Turn your car off if you’ll be sitting for awhile.
  • Leave your A/C off. Your A/C uses up a lot of fuel, so keep it off when you can.
  • Combine trips. Cold starts wear your engine and use twice as much fuel. So, try to combine shorter trips.
  • Ditch the junk in your trunk. Dropping 100 pounds from your truck and increase your gas mileage by up to two percent, so ditch extra weight if you can.

When you stop in for maintenance servicing:

  • Tune your engine. It’s important to tune your engine regularly for several reasons. But when it comes to your car’s fuel economy, it could improve your mileage by an average of 4%.
  • Check your tire inflation and alignment: In addition to increasing your gas mileage by 3%, checking your tires helps improve your car’s handling and extends the life of your tires.
  • Change your oil regularly. This is one of the easiest, most important and cheapest ways to improve your gas mileage. See your owner’s manual for your car’s recommended oil change intervals.