Keep thieves at bay with a Motorcycle Alarm

As the popularity of motorcycles rises, so does the occurance of motorcycle theft.  Especially high on the list of bikes to steal are sport bikes, with Honda leading the way.  Surprisingly the expensive cruisers like Harley Davidson are lower on the hot list than the 4 major japanese manufacturers.  The warmer states see more action than seasonal states for obvious reasons, so if you’re a sport bike rider in Florida(for example) you might want to listen up!

Unfortunetly there is little we can do to stop somebody from stealing our bikes if they really want it and are organized about it.  In moments a group of 3 or 4 guys can load a motorcycle into the back of a van and speed off never to be heard from again.  Adding a motorcycle alarm system to your ride might help scare those guys away.  The loud 120db sirens draw alot of unwanted attention that make bad guys nervous.  In many cases they are likely to abandon the mission and try for an easier target.

Motorcycle alarms these days have some pretty cool features, but there are a few basic parts of every alarm system that help keep your bike safe.  The first is some type of sensor that lets the system know that something is not right.  Most commonly this will be an accelerometer which is very accurate at detecting movement of the motorcycle.  The other basic part of an alarm system you need for it to be effective is the siren.  Usually it’s a 120db multi-tone siren that’s loud enough to bring attention to your bike, scaring the would be thief or thieves away.

Depending on the amount of money you spend and the brand of motorcycle alarm you choose you may get a few neat features.  Some systems are using a type of 2-way communication between the alarm and your key fob that will alert you if your alarm is set off.  This is helpful because you can react more quickly and if the bike is actually stolen, you can get the boys(and girls) in blue on the case quicker.  Some systems have an activation LED on the bike to let people know you mean business and this may deter some would be thieves from messing with your bike.  For a deeper look at motorcycle alarms check out this article,  there’s even some information on a couple of moderately priced systems by companies like Gorilla and Spy.  Ultimately the system you choose will depend on how much you want to spend and what will give you some peace of mind.