Motorcycle Insurance Review

Why do you want to get Motorcycle Insurance? a very good question please read on, if you weren’t interested in finding out more about motorcycle insurance, you wouldn’t be reading this. We have spoken to riders and you’ll find lots of reasons why some riders do and others don’t insure their rides. One thing’s for sure – the more experienced they are, the more likely they are to have insurance. Some have had a crash and thus learn from experience or the hard way. Either way, other riders thought about motorcycle insurance, and here’s what we found Motorcycle insurance is very expensive, Not so. Think about the impact of not having insurance Motorcycles account for 3.0% of all registered vehicles – but riders account for 20% of all serious road injuries.17-25 year olds are the most likely age group to be involved in a accident

What about the average amount that is claimed for car owners,it is around $3,300, for riders, it’s around $6,400 what’s more, the average bike is valued at around one third of the average car. Riders are nearly 3.5 times more likely to have their bike stolen than a car – and if it does get stolen there’s a 70% chance they wont get it back.

This all helps explain why motorcycle insurance can seem expensive compared to cars. But add up the stats and you’ll see that it’s well worth the money. Have you had any accidents in the last ten years?. Drop or crash your bike just once and you could have paid for nearly ten years’ comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover. Here’s some other stuff you should know:

FACT 1. Around 40% of motorcycle crashes don’t involve another vehicle.
FACT 2. Only one in five registered motorbikes are ridden every work day.

You know that riding (and your riding style) is all about the risk you’re prepared to take. It’s just like taking the decision to insure – the more informed you are, the better position you’re in to make the right choice. But more than that, you want insurance to be hassle-free. We found some riders don’t insure, but the smart ones do, also If you have any type of motorcycle insurance, you can also choose to cover your riding gear. Or insure your personal valuables – like your sunnies or MP3 player. your gear and valuables may be covered even if there is no claim on your bike. you can also choose to cover your riding gear.