Why a Shed for your Motorcycle is Vital

If you have a motorcycle, you need to protect it. Don’t say that this is just an extra expense and you would rather spend your pennies on a motorcyle trailer. When you wake up one morning and take a look outside to find that your bike has suddenly disappeared you will get quite a shock. In fact, this shock will most probably turn into a feeling of regret and remorse. The fact that you didn’t have a place to store your bike away means that you are now unable to get insurance just for that reason. Insurance companies will generally not pay you out unless your bike is protected. It does make sense if you think about it.

It is a tough world that we live in and I would not say that it is as safe as it was a couple of years ago when we could even sleep with our doors open in the country. Those days are gone and you really have to watch yourself. A bike is not like a car, which can be left outside more often. It is not something I would do because it can still get stolen, but you can hear when someone is breaking into your car. Anyone can learn to steal a motorbike in a flash.

The other thing that you have to contend with is rust. This is a big factor for someone who lives on the coast because there is a lot of moisture in the air and stainless steel is coroded by salt from the ocean. Because the parts of the bike are exposed, not only will the appearance deteriorate, but so will the engine and this is a nightmare that every motorcyclist has to deal with.

The best product I found which is reasonable, practical and durable is a plastic storage shed. Plastic seems like the best way to go and with companies like Rubbermaid and Tuff coming up with designs to suit every individual according to sizes and shapes you can’t really go wrong. Of course, you could opt for a tent-like structure which will disguise the bike as well, but in terms of security you are better off with something solid like a shed. If you compare the plastic variety with things like wood and steel you will find that plastic will always come out the winner. Plastic is hardly going to rot or rust so you are a lot better off moving in this direction. Have a look at this page for more info.