Reasons to Buy the New Ford Navigation DVD 2012

Many of the new Ford cars that have come of the production lines over the last five years have come with in-built dashboard navigation systems which mean car drivers don’t need to spend money on a standalone GPS device such as a Garmin or TomTom.  Whilst this will save the driver some money in the short-term, many people do question the true value of this optional extra – because (as with all GPS units) you need to purchase map updates every year in order for the system to be completely up to date with any road changes that happen in the United States on an annual basis.

Why You Should Buy Ford GPS Updates

If you are deciding on whether or not you should update your Ford GPS maps with the new Ford Navigation DVD 2012 then you need to take into account some mitigating factors as to why, and these are laid out as follows:

1. Roads Change Every Year

Every week there are new roads appearing somewhere in North America.  Whether that’s a new highway, or a lane being re-prioritized, it will mean that your Ford Navigation System is never going to be truly effective unless you have new maps on it.  Not only that, but businesses tend to change address regularly so without the latest DVD software install you could literally end up driving down a dead-end alley with no hope of finding your final destination.

2. It Will Save You Money

Having the latest maps will also save you money because the GPS tries to route you the shortest or quickest direction.  If it can do this effectively then you will subsequently save on time, fuel and gas bills – and even on the amount of CO2 that you are pumping out into the atmosphere.  So you can be green and environmentally friendly as well as saving on cash expenses.

Conclusion on Value for Money Ford Navi DVDs

Those two reasons alone are enough to encourage you to buy the new Ford Navigation System Updates on DVD.  Before you buy try and weigh up the retail price with the amount of fuel you might save over a year – simply by knowing that you won’t end up getting lost and needing to re-route yourself – and as a result adding unnecessary mileage onto your gas bills.  A GPS will help you to do that which is why it is always prudent to make sure your Ford’s dashboard navigation is as up to date as is possible in 2012.