Solar Powered Yard Light Fixtures

Not too long ago, the average American backyard consisted of nothing but a rocking chair and a tree. Today, decorating the backyard has become a fad of sorts. Products ranging from garden gnomes to gazebos are being manufactured as we speak.  One of the most important aspects of garden decorating is lighting.[widget:ad_unit-490971921] You may think that any light not protected by an awning would be quickly destroyed by the weather. However, lights rated to be used outdoors are exceedingly durable and waterproof. String lights are a good example of this.

While there are variations in design among string lights, the basic setup is the same. String lights look very similar to holiday light fixtures you see gracing the exteriors of homes. However, they are not intended solely for holiday decorating. String lights consist of an insulated electric wire of varying length, bordered with a set of light bulbs. The bulbs can be spaced in singles or draped down like icicles. Both incandescent and LED light bulbs are used today. Many people opt for the LED string lights for their long lasting qualities and wide selection in colors.

Strings of lights have multiple applications around the yard. Users can place them over bushed or wrap them around tree limbs for an unexpected and colorful display in an area that would otherwise be completely dark. Wrap the lights around a support column or stair rail to achieve a surreal afterglow which beckons visitors from the street. Some people like to hang the on the ceiling of their back patio overhead to light up the gathering area below. They do not necessarily produce a lot of functional light, and are therefore meant more for decorative lighting purposes. The bulbs on each string can be covered with cases from which the light shines through. These cases can come in your favorite yard theme, such as a set of cute looking bugs or flowers. Whether you choose wired or solar yard lighting, even a single light product can make a difference. Using outdoor garden lights is fun and useful at the same time.