Pricing Guide for Used Cars

[ReviewAZON asin=”1563921561″ display=”inlinepost”]Many people regard car payments as an unavoidable part of life. However, buying a used car can be a much better deal, helping you so save several thousand dollars. Buying a used truck that is only a few years old will give you around 20% discount from the original value. Additional accessories like power assists and stereo systems are also much cheaper when resold.


The used car market is one of the fastest growing segments in the auto industry. During the last decade, used cars have received much more attractive values. Buying 7 seater cars that are only two years old can save you thousands of dollars compared to the new model.

The price will be determined by the model, make, year, and other features on the vehicle. For example, used diesel trucks for sale will be far cheaper than buying a used sports car. Accessories can also amount to several thousand dollars, especially if you are including premium features like leather seating and an automatic transmission.

Pricing Guide

Numerous pricing guides are provided for individuals, lenders, and dealers to determine the value of a used vehicle. These guides can be found at local credit unions, banks, and public libraries. The books are not a definitive pricing guide, but they are a good reference point when trying to negotiate with the seller. This information can usually be obtained free of charge.

Insurance and Financing

Ask your local credit unions and banks for financing options so you can make comparisons to the financing offered by the dealer. Each car model may have a different financing deal since the price can greatly vary. In addition, you should consider getting a preapproved credit system that would eliminate any pressure from purchasing the vehicle.

Always check with the insuring company for their quote on the car you want to purchase. Even if the price may seem cheap, you will also need to factor insurance and other maintenance costs. Always have a slightly higher budget than is necessary in case there are any unexpected repairs that need to be made.

Where to Buy

Look around at numerous locations to find the best deal. Buying from a car dealer will give you a lot of choice, but the price may be higher. Often, buying directly from an owner is a much better deal since the car is usually cheaper and better taken care of. If you do not know much about cars, trying bringing a car buff friend along.