Sedans vs Suvs Which to Choose:

Deciding upon the type of car to buy is some what more difficult a decision than considering to buy a car. Buying of sedans or suvs is the most difficult one which people face. Both have limitations as well as plus points, the decision should lay upon the features required, where you drive the car and your budget.

A suv: A suv has become one of the most favorite car of late. A 7 seater suv for example is considered as the perfect family car. Thanks to its versatility. It can be used in all type of roads and terrains even though it was meant initially to be a picnic and trekking oriented car. Now its use is broad in nature, you may find it in the busy streets of new york and the same model in the dense jungles of Africa. A suv has more power. Even a 7 seat suv can cling hilly regions without much trouble.
However on the disadvantages side, a suv needs lot of fuel, it is known to be highly fuel inefficient and the driving may not be as comfortable as in a sedans while traveling in cities. Its huge size is also a problem in cities where the space is minimal and parking can be difficult at times. Coming to the cost, it is a bit more costly than other cars such as sedans.
Finally the risk of rollover is more in a suv. This is mainly due to its tall wheels which shifts the center of gravity a bit high. This makes it vulnerable for side collisions and rollovers. However the present day suvs are said to be a lot better in this front.

A sedan: A sedan is a compact car, easy to maintain and drive and best suited for cities. It is really driver comfortably and have better looks than the suvs. The fuel efficiency is also a lot higher than a suv. The cost is also much lower. Unless there is a mistake from the driver or the opposite party, the chances of accidents and rollovers are much less, in good roads.
However, suvs are not suitable for rough and tough roads. You will definitely have a tough time if you want to drive your sedan in a bad rural road. It is also not as specious as that of the SUV. Americans specially known to require large leg space may not get adequate leg space in all sedans. It cannot be used in snow as well unless it is specially equipped with both front and back Tyre control and fitted with snow tires.

So all in all, there are both advantages and disadvantages for either of the models, it is upto where you use that would be the better decision point.