Top Causes Of Car Accidents All Over The World

Vehicles offer great convenience and freedom when you are moving from one point to another with minimal effort and amount of time. However, there are destructive results or forces if a car is used in unsuitable driving conditions or inexperienced hands. You may be a good driver and follow all traffic rules but there are other drivers on the road that may be reckless.

It is highly advisable to find a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer in case you need to claim compensation or if the other party makes claim against you. Hopefully, being informed of common causes of accidents will help you make more informed choices on the road. Below is a list of common cause of car accidents

  • Distraction – This is usually the number one cause of car accidents all over the world whereby the driver takes attention from managing the car to other things. The distraction could be inside or outside the car and it involves things like texting, making phone calls, handling handheld devices like phone or iPods or even putting on makeup while driving.
  • Violating traffic laws – A lot of drivers who ignore or fail to follow traffic laws eventually get involved in a car accident. Common traffic violations include tailgating, improper lane changes, over speeding or failing to give right of way. When you decide to disregard traffic laws that pedestrians and other drivers adhere to, you will not only compromise your own safety but also the well being of other people.
  • Car failure – When the car’s mechanical components fail or break down, it will lead to the car crashing. Mechanical failures include damage to tires, brakes and steering wheel among others. The malfunction can be blamed on the mechanic in auto repair shop, the owner, car operator and to some extent, the car manufacturer. It is highly recommended to schedule regular maintenance routines for your car and be informed on car design flaws on new models.
  • Bad weather – Harsh climatic conditions like heavy rains, snowing or storms can lead to bad visibility or traction on the road. This will result on the cars losing control on the road and colliding with objects like walls or other vehicles. It is wise to slow down in bad weather conditions.
  • Intoxication – Whether the driver is intoxicated from drugs or alcohol, judgment and response time is lowered which will lead to accidents. Some states allow a minor level of alcohol in the bloodstream that will ensure they can safely operate a car.