Towing a Trailer? How To Load It Safely

[ReviewAZON asin=”098203380X” display=”inlinepost”]Driving with a trailer attached is an entirely different experience than just driving your truck. In order to prevent things like swaying or a trailer dive-in, you should know how to load it the right way. Many people rush during this process, and simply toss everything in. This is what causes accidents, so make sure to read and apply every tip we recommend here.

Avoid overloading

One of the biggest problems that can be easily overlooked is when people overload their trailer. You can quickly find this information on your car’s manual. After you put everything in the trailer we highly recommend that you go to a public scale. You should do this especially if you’re a beginner.

Distribute your load

Another big issue can happen if too much weight is placed on either part of the trailer. You should distribute your items evenly. If you put too much weight on either side of the trailer, it can oscillate while you drive. It will sway if you put excess weight on the back. And, if you put too much on the front part, it can get more dangerous. As you brake, you’ll trailer can dive in and lift your wheels. At that point you can’t brake or steer.

When you load the trailer, spread out everything. Put the heavier items at the bottom, and then the lighter ones on top of them. Try to place 15% of the total weight over the hitch. In case you have a flatbed trailer, maintain your items as low as you can, so they don’t get blown off.

Keep everything in place

So, you’ve put everything in place, now it’s time to make sure it stays that way. An option is to glue a rug to the floor to minimize side movements. But, to prevent everything from jumping around, make sure you tie it down from every angle. Finally, make sure nothing is sticking out. In most places it’s a reason to get a fine.

Unload carefully

When you arrive to your destination make sure that you’re parked on level ground. If doing that is not an option, you can also use blocks. As you unload the items, don’t rush. Take your time to bring them down carefully. You can use a ramp to make this part easier.

A lot of accidents could be prevented if only people applied these simple principles. They are easy, but sometimes when feeling rushed it’s easy to dismiss them. We assure you that using these tips you’ll have a much safer drive. It’s noteworthy to point out that one of the many towing companies in La Mesa, CA was consulted for this article. They have been towing in El Cajon for many years, so you can rely on their experience.