The Hunt For Used Go Carts

Used go carts fill my property on a regular basis. My husband and son both love go cart races, go cart engines and especially tearing them apart and putting them back together again in some Frankenstein mix of pieces.[widget:ad_unit-490971921]

Every Saturday morning in the spring and fall my oldest son and husband pack up in the truck complete with coffee, donuts, and a trailer and off they go to yard sales, flea markets and junk stores. They are searching for used go carts, whole or in parts it does not matter. They barter and trade everything imaginable for go cart pieces. My husband is a plumber he once fixed a gas leak for these people in exchange for a non running used go cart. My son hailed him as a hero. Apparently there is no set number of used carts to have and finally say I need no more. Once you buy your fist used it becomes a never ending quest for more used parts and buggies.

Daily they are on eBay, Craigslist and any number of other websites searching the used go cart tabs. They buy off road go carts, racing and even plastic cart frames with metal bars. My son often speaks of the value of these used go karts yet I have never seen him even attempt to sell one and he acts like a person is crazy if they offer to buy one.

If there is a local go kart riding attraction in your town they often sell the older used machines once they have so many hours on them. They scout these places and buy their used carts and engines to rebuild them. Newspapers, estate sales etc.. and they have even bid on closed out storage facilities to get the used go carts that are inside.

You never know for sure what you are getting when you buy a used go kart but all in all they are just lawnmower engines with a tubular frame. Pretty easy to work on and not much can go wrong with one that cannot be fixed fairly cheap if you have the mechanical skills to do so. I would not buy a new go cart especially if it is your first one. I see them for sale anywhere from 700 dollars to several thousand. My son has ten running go carts and all of them combined do not have a thousand dollars in them.

My husband and children have had hours of fun not only riding and racing their carts but also working on them together and making one run. I think the search for used carts is as fun as the rides.