What are Rally Days?

An event celebrated annually, rally days are all about seeing a wide selection of rally cars as well as rally stars.

Spectator-Friendly Event

Mainly, the difference is that this event is held in a spectator-friendly environment. Aside from the expected track action, rally stars would also gladly do driving demonstrations. For some lucky spectators, they can also be a passenger for rally car rides. There would also be a lot of exhibitors that would include major car manufacturers. There would also be individuals who are rally car enthusiasts who would also offer varied kinds of rally merchandise.[widget:ad_unit-490971921]

Other Important Information

The gates open to public as early as eight in the morning and would finish at around 5 in the afternoon. People can get their cars inside the area by getting special parking passes for rally days that can be booked in advanced.  As for age restriction, an individual needs to be over 16 to be eligible as a passenger.

Rally Day Driving Techniques

Rally driving is a wild sport for risky drivers who want to take their driving experiences to the extreme. During a rally day, drivers from all around the country gather in one place and showcase their cars.

Audiences can see several brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Subaru and Ferrari running like wild cars on the loose. However, no matter how expensive your car is, if you don’t possess the skills to flaunt what you have, then it’s useless.

So, the main solution for this is to acquire techniques used in rally day driving. This includes the legendary pendulum turn, left foot braking and hill jumping. Once you bring these tricks on to the race track, fans will swarm like bees and reporters will never leave you. Do not be satisfied of driving in the race but make a difference and learn techniques.

Let the Big Boys Play with Mean Machines

If you’ve had a military troop set with countless toy soldiers and military tanks scattered all over your bedroom floor, and you have always dreamed of being the man behind a mean military machine, then a tank driving day voucher is your key to make those dreams come to life.

Toys for the Big Boys

Get behind a British or American military tank and feel the surge when driving through mud, hills, and pits. Your tank driving day is sure to fuel up your excitement as you drive some big boy’s toys and go around a track especially built for those mean machines![widget:ad_unit-490972681]

What Big Boys Are Really Made Of

Most companies that offer tank driving days require a minimum height of 4’8″ and you must be at least 18 years of age. However, minors can still go for a driving day but must secure parental or guardian’s consent. While a driver’s license is not required, there are some track venues that only licensed drivers are allowed.

Turn your childhood dreams into reality by purchasing a tank driving day voucher!

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