What to learn from Harley Davidson marketing strategy

Harley Davidson has recognized itself not only as a premium motorcycle manufacturer, but it also created a life style for its fans and bike owners. It was not an easy ride for Harley Davidson. It had its competition and lost its market share as well. But the excellent marketing from Harley Davidson helped it to keep it in race.

Brief History

Harley Davidson was founded in 1903 by Harley and Davidson. Over a period of time, the distinctive design and exhaust system made Harley Davidson the no.1 motorcycle brand in USA. The Harley Davidson V-twin engine made for long tours was great to quench the thirst of passionate riders. Prime importance to technology and comfort made Harley Davidson indeed a luxury brand.


Change of import and export laws created competition for Harley Davidson from different foreign companies. Japanese and German companies known for their quality did take a huge market share from Harley Davidson. These bikes made to suite the requirement of young generations started attracting youngsters towards them. Higher power, cramped seating-unlike Harley, better reliability was the factor of dominance of these companies over Harley Davidson. These competitions really stated to eat the market share of Harley Davidson.

Market and brand building strategies from Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson was not taking things easy. The research and quality improvements were immediately taken. But actually what sustained its business is the Harley Davidson’s marketing strategy. The Harley Davidson culture is what differentiates it from others. The events conducted, the communities like HOG and women biker group makes Harley special. More fascinating thing is the collectibles and accessories from Harley Davidson. The Harley Davidson stickers, stickers for books, kids, Harley jackets, home collectibles, shoes, helmets, gloves, Harley Davidson patches and the list goes on and on. Harley Davidson has really built a life style of its own among the people. If you are a fan of Harley you will find enough collectibles to sport your spirit irrespective of your age, gender and money you can spend. These things did really take Harley to next level and made it able to recreate a brand for itself.

Even though these techniques did really work for Harley Davidson, there are few more things that Harley needs to work on to reduce its average age of its customer base. But no doubt one can learn enough from the marketing strategies used by Harley Davidson and use it.