How to Make your Own Wheatgrass Juice

Nowadays, people suffer from different illnesses they get from pollution and unhealthy lifestyles. Having these problems are very stressful as it results in two things: First, some diseases are life threatening – bad news indeed. Second, being ill is very expensive as it can cost you hospital and medical bills. [widget:ad_unit-490971921] This is why people seek to continuously find ways to prevent these diseases by exploring many alternative healthy products that have natural and pure ingredients. One of these effective products is Wheatgrass Juice. However, unlike with other fruits and vegetables, extracting the juice from raw fresh wheatgrass is quite difficult and requires a special procedure.

In order to make your own wheatgrass juice, you will need a dedicated wheatgrass juicer. Your juicer can be a manual or an electric juicer. A typical blender cannot be used as it is designed to have a shredding technique that is efficient for fruits and vegetables. However, wheatgrass juicers extract the juice out of the wheatgrass by wringing the blades of the grass. This will effectively bring out the juice. Just cut a small handful wheatgrass using clean scissors, wash it in cold water and extract the juice using the juicer. Continue the process until you are satisfied with the amount of juice you get – normally people drink about 30-40ml at a time, because the taste is very strong. The juice can be drunk straight, or you may put something else with it that can add to its flavour and will make it easier for you to drink.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Be sure to maintain a strong and healthy body in order to face daily life’s challenges. Drinking wheatgrass juice constantly is a healthy option to fight possible diseases. By learning how to make your own wheatgrass juice you will save a significant amount of money, since the processed product is quite expensive.