All About the 1997 Yamaha Blaster

The Yamaha Blaster started coming out around 1988 equipped with very few features. However, from 1997 it was upgraded with prolonged drive suspension, making lengthy trips much smoother, and a double wishbone front suspension with adjustable shocks. A short 43.3 inch wheelbase gives it great performance and handling on the dunes and in turns. Additionally, it features hydraulic rear disc brakes and twin drum brakes on the front for stopping power. The Blaster is also equipped with an auto-lubrication oil injection process that removes the requirement to combine the oil before putting it in the fuel system. This makes it less messy and more convenient for the rider for maintenance. Another plus to the updated quad is a wide luxurious, extra cushioned seat to get a more comfortable ride. The total dry weight for the 1997 Blaster is 320 pounds. The maximum carry weight for the rider is around 220 pounds. These features allow for fast maneuvering and great handling, and a comfortable and exciting ride for those ATV enthusiasts.

The engine on the 1997 Blaster displaces 195 cubic centimeters, with a bore and stroke of 2.59 inches by 2.2 inches. This means that the engine puts out 20 horsepower with a torque rating of 15.19 ft-lbs and an RPM of 7000. The vehicle sits on a steel tube frame and has a short seat height of 29.1 inches. The gas tank is located between the seat and the handlebars, and holds 2.4 gallons. This makes for less fill up time and more time on the road or on the trails for the rider. The overall dimensions for the ATV are 68.3 inches, a width of 40.7 inches and a height of 40.9 inches. Balloon tires round out the ATV package, which in some cases can cause handling problems for the rider, depending on the terrain that is ridden on. The maximum speed is about 60 miles per hour.

This quad is made for riding the dunes. Its superior top-end power will have it railing along the tops of the dunes, where other quads can get bogged down. The best thing about the Blaster ATV is that it is economical in price and potential. For less than $1000, you can get shocks and tires to fix any handling problems that the Blaster has, and a few more dollars will buy you a pipe to broaden the power band. These will save you the cost of a new quad, and give you the extra handling that many aggressive riders need while on the trails.

The Yamaha Blaster is a great starter quad for those with limited experience and those with a limited budget for ATVs. With time and practice, and a little bit of upgrading, the Blaster could become an all around quad that allows the rider the freedom to hit the trails on whatever terrain, and be able to enjoy the ride, no matter where it takes him or her. It is an economical and practical start to one’s ATV experience.