Hyosung GT650S Great Touring Motorcycle

📅 October 31, 2019

⏱️3 min read

When I was on the lookout to buy myself a motorbike I went through a bit of research and thought I would write this article to help anyone who is in the same boat that I was in when I looking out to buy my bike.

What did I end up getting well, it's a one-year-old Hyosung GT650S Touring Bike that had 5000 K's on the clock and It had a full service history and I bought it from a reputable Hyosung dealer Here a few reasons that I would have to recommend to anyone that wants to get a good deal:

• Make sure that bike has got a full-service history, this is usually a small booklet with space for the service agent to put his stamp on there and to list the date and the mileage when the service work was done.

• Go over the whole bike looking for any scratches or dent in particular on the mudguards or the petrol tank mine had a few scratches on the front mudguard and the dealer told me that the bike had been dropped it was not to bad and can be fixed up really easy check out the pics in this post, I deemed that this was only cosmetic and did not affect the way the bike performs.

• If possible make sure that you know that the person who is selling the bike is of good standing, otherwise, you may run the risk of buying a stolen bike or even a bike that has a finance dept. over it. in my case I got the bike from a Hyosung dealer and he told me that this bike was a trade-in for a new Hyosung bike and even that he sold this bike new to the same rider that now went back to get a new bike. This was great news on my part as it showed the bike had been well looked after and that the previous owner is a local rider as the dealer knew him, also that the dealer was good as the rider came back to him to buy another bike.

• Make sure that you take the bike out for a test ride, this is probably the most important thing you need to do, I was totally hooked on this bike the moment I took it out for a ride, It was so comfortable to ride as the rider position is a bit more upright and the footpegs are positioned a bit further forward, I found that the small nose faring did actually do a good job of deflecting the wind off you, I know because I test rode a GT650 Comet which is a naked bike and I did feel the wind more on that bike.

the dealer was kind enough to let me try the GT650R also and this one was a full faring racing style bike and it really did feel fast, but not for my taste. Well if you try to follow the points I have highlighted above you will get a bike that you will be happy with for many years, I only use my bike for pleasure like weekend rides in the Hills so I really enjoy the power of this v-twin motor I love the way it has a lot of torque and it just keeps pulling even if you get caught in a low gear at low speed, in that way it is very forging for the novice rider. I think that the suspension is very good being a mono-shock configuration the bike hugs those corners and allows you to lean over quite low when you corner, this is great fun and when you get some experience this GT650S give you great confidence in the way it handles, this matches the front upside-down forks very well The only thing that I was not really happy with was that the rear brake developed a squealing noise and overall the power of the front brake was not supper powerful, don't get me wrong you will come to a very fast stop by applying both front and back brakes together but other more expensive bikes have superior brakes. Overall I am very happy with my Hyosung and would recommend it to anyone like me who is looking for a bike that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. check out my video of my short ride around the car park.