Mitsubishi Ralliart Magna

📅 October 30, 2019

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I was employed by MMAL ( Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited ) for seven years before they closed down. I really liked the Mitsubishi Ralliart Magna version after I got a test drive in one. I thought that the manual version even with a limited-slip diff was very bad a putting the power down and first gear was almost unusable due to the the massive amount of wheel spin, so I went for the auto / Tiptronic which is a whole lot better. I took a Ralliart Magna that was fitted with a sunroof out for a drive just to see if I liked the sunroof, in the end, I didn't like it because by putting the sunroof in this dropped the roof line down to low inside the car and no matter how much I adjusted the seat I still managed to touch my head on the roof. This was way too irritating so decided not to have the sunroof fitted to mine. For this is one helluva powerful car. The book claim's a 0-100 time of 6.7 seconds!!! its 180kW factory figure feels well understated. I also tested the Mitsubishi outlander but that's not the car for me. The one I did like though was the Mitsubishi Lancer evolution now that car has got some power, but I found the ride a bit hard for my sensitive frame, even though the Recaro bucket seats held me down nice and snug.

I can achieve easy high sixes. In fact, even with the gentlest of launches and with two people in the car, the time to 100 was still in the low-mid Sevens - faster than a 225kW v8 Holden launched in the same way. All the Mitsubishi Ralliart Magna's are individually numbered and hand sprayed with data dot security.

One of the benefits of being an employee of Mitsubishi Motors is that you get a lease car as part of your package and you get massive discounts if you want to buy a car. Well the car I own now was my lease car ( I liked it that much I bought it ) check out the Pictures.

The engine is nothing short of magnificent. To develop its 180kW at 5500 rpm and 333Nm at 4000 rpm (over the 163kW engine, the torque is improved right through the rev range!) the engineers have lifted the compression by 0.4 of a ratio to 9.4:1, modified the combustion chambers, and fitted cams with an additional 10 per cent lift. Stainless steel extractors are fitted, and while the exhaust is largely the same as fitted to the 163kW cars, a large central muffler has been added to reduce the low-rpm resonance and bow does it sound nice from inside the car.

ECU changes include the lifting of the speed limiter from 210 to 240 km/h, make this Mitsubishi Ralliart Magna a top car to drive and own.